Webinar: A Practical Walk-Through

During the recent pandemic, the whole world turned to online resources in order to continue the very basic educational operations, such as having classes, delivering presentations and lecturers or simply having seminars. One of the major tools that is used and has been used to that purpose are webinars. It is hard to provide an complete definition of webinar. A webinar is essentially a seminar conducted online. But there is way more to it. 

In this video Emanuele Bardone from the University of Tartu, provides a video presentation, during which he will take you through the main issues related to doing a webinar. From how the very first steps to take before the webinar to the several chances that such tool provides. In the video Emanuele Bardone refers to a particular webinar application, namely, Zoom. While some of the features that he describes are specific to that application, the general lessons drawn can be said to be valid for different other webinar applications.

Applications mentioned in the video

During the presentation, a number of applications are mentioned. Here is the complete list:

Zoom: https://zoom.us/

OBS Studio: https://obsproject.com/

ManyCam: https://manycam.com/

Remo: https://remo.co/

To know more

While webinar applications have been a very powerful resource, there are indeed critical issues that educators should take into consideration. Here are a few articles that might be of help in developing a more complex understanding as to what webinars can do and what they also cannot do.