New learning paradigm

Today’s world is uncertain, complex and rapidly changing. How can we cope with that? The idea of a new learning paradigm stems from the very necessity to face the challenges of our time and work towards re-imagining education in such a way that the present as well as future generations will be able to flourish as individuals and as members of society.

A re-organization as well as re-interpretation of education is needed in order to make room for skills that would help people to be open to new things, independent, daring and able to constantly learn, capable of promptly making choices, and think and act creatively can cope. New skills are not only necessary for individual coping; they also ensure greater cohesion in society, reduce exclusion, promote tolerance and inclusion, and strengthen public health.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the current changes in the educational landscape, we provide an introduction to New learning paradigm (in English and in Estonian) developed by a research team working at the Institute of Education, University of Tartu.

PDF in English
PDF in Estonian