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E-learning solutions today are based on widely available, popular technologies; computers & internet, smartphones, tablets, and smart television sets. Some of these devices were initially designed for other tasks but due to rapid technological progress in hardware and software development, it has made possible to use them in education creating new opportunities for learning delivery and support. The current situation has also created challenges for e-learning designers due to the variety of technologies and compatibility across different platforms and the requirement to develop learning solutions that work seamlessly across all platforms.

Moreover, the number of tools that can be used for design, delivery, and support of learning has grown immensely over the last decade presenting educators with countless options.

Our masters programme is well equipped with an overview and guidance information on the selection and application of certain e-learning tools in the context of primary, secondary, and higher education.


How to install H5P plugin

This short micro learning object or video, showcases how you can install H5P plugin for creating interactive learning materials.

Latest developments in Educational ICTs

Discuss how innovations such as network enabled communication devices, virtual environments, simulations, content creation and delivery technologies, and augmented realities can support improved teaching and learning

Autothinking: An Educational Adaptive game

The video tutorial describes Autothinking, an educational adaptive game for developing computational skills

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education

We provide an interactive video introducing Augmented and Virtual Reality in education

Tools for video supported collaborative learning

An introduction to a number of tools to use video in one's own teaching or learning practice

Collaborative Learning with Educational Technology

Education systems around the world are starting to acknowledge that preparing students for the future requires helping students to develop good collaboration skills. Educational technology can provide teachers with innovative ways to engage students’ in collaborative learning experiences.

Webinar: A Practical Walk-Through

What is a webinar? What kind of applications could we use? And what is the educational value of doing a webinar?

Designing online courses

How to design online courses? What are the main components to take into consideration? What are the applications one can make use of?

Educational video-making

What is the educational relevance of videos? How can we make educational videos? What are the applications available to help us do that?

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

This is an introduction to Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Virtual Laboratory

The Go-Lab ecosystem is a free platform that can be used by any teacher from any country.