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Eapril 2019 spotlight session: A blended Master’s programme in Educational Technology

Eapril 2019 spotlight session: A blended Master’s programme in Educational Technology

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On the 28th of November 2019, Emanuele Bardone (University of Tartu) and Bert Slof (University of Utrecht) delivered a presentation about the UT Master’s Programme in Educational Technology. The seminar is part of the International Conference Eapril.

The slides shown during the event can be found here.


The main focus of the present case study is an international one-year master’s programme in Educational Technology, which was launched by the University of Tartu in August 2017. The main issue that gave rise to the case concerns how to design a master’s programme, which would support people who are already working as educational practitioners in making meaningful use of emerging educational technologies in their own educational practice. 

The case study that we present is divided into two parts. In first part we provide an illustration of the overall rationale behind the master’s programme, chiefly, how the curriculum is organized, the way in which the relationship between theory and practice is reflected in it and the way in which technology is deployed in order to deliver the courses.

In the second part, we will present the results of the first two rounds of the evaluation of the programme, which has been focusing on evaluating the quality of teaching and learning, the dynamics behind an international class as well as the diversity characterizing it.

The presentation of the results of the evaluation will provide the opportunity to discuss more in depth the promises and perils of a blended master programme.

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